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Mistakes Make Magic

Jan 22, 2021

On this week's episode of MMM, I'm speaking with talented wedding planner and business guru Valerie Gernhauser of Sapphire Events all about what it takes to own, run and operate a wedding photography business. We are truly diving in deep! If you've ever wondered about the journey of a wedding photographer who's at that 10+ year mark, this episode is a great one! Whether you are a photographer looking to jump into weddings or a client wondering what is involved in the pricing and rates for photographers, this episode has all the details inside!! In this conversation we're talking about:
* Getting started in photography, my ideal client and shooting style 
* What's in my photo bag (and how to stay prepared but also light/quick on the wedding day)
* Working with a second shooter
* Overhead Expenses Involved in running a photography business: Education, Continuing Education (conferences), Gear, Insurance, Software 
* How much time goes into running a photography business
* Cost per Hour in order to cover time, gear and experience
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