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Mistakes Make Magic

May 8, 2020

We've all heard the saying "Time is Money." With the intuitive automations and systems of this program, I am saving a ton of both time and money! I am beyond excited that I have found a system I LOVE and can share with others who look for advice regarding their businesses and systems.

On the podcast today, Joey from Dubsado and I are chatting all about the following:

  • Why I switched from my old CRM to Dubsado
  • What features are most useful and how it's helping businesses run more smoothly (think client workflows, canned emails, template contracts, etc)
  • How Dubsado was developed and what makes it different from other companies (The founders have an awesome story and vision!)
  • How this program can help you make more money in less time

If you'd like to save 20% off of your subscription through the program, consider using my affiiliate code: catherineg

Enjoy the episode!