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Mistakes Make Magic

Apr 2, 2020

Especially with everything going on regarding the Coronavirus, so many entrepreneurs are evaluating their circumstances and making plans moving forward. Is creating a digital course something you've considered? If so, this may be an episode you want to tune into! 

In this episode I'm interviewing Emily Newman, founder of If I Made - a course creation powerhouse! They essentially take business owners with good ideas and skillsets and help them create, market and sell an online educational course!

She's answering questions like: 

* What she's learned about the education space and course creation specifically (including mistakes make of course!)

* What advice she would give to someone creating an online course.

* Why it might be a good idea to consider partnership vs creating and executing a course alone.

This was SUCH a good episode and one that I hope can help you if you're someone who's considering bringing education online! If I Made is an incredible company and I encourage you to check them out; enjoy the episode!