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Mistakes Make Magic

Feb 3, 2020

What started as a birth right trip turned into an opportunity for collaborations and sponsorships as traveling influencers/bloggers. Joel and Marla of Traveling for Two found themselves in 30 countries in 13 months. Their social platforms were originally intended to keep their friends and family members informed of their travels but sparked the interest of thousands all over the globe. Marla is sharing on this episode things like:

* How to make money as a travel influencer

* The challenges of create content while still enjoying travel

* How to split duties when collaborating with a partner

* The struggles of wanting to be both real and curated simultaneously

* Encouragement to get out and see the world

If you are someone who's dreamed of traveling and getting paid for it...this episode is for you! Or maybe you just want to hear about their adventures all over the world. :) This was a fun and interesting episode that I'm excited to share with you!!