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Mistakes Make Magic

May 29, 2019

If you work in the wedding or events industry, it’s safe to say you know just how important getting published is. It allows for your work to get exposure and for your name to get out there into the world. 95% of couples use blogs and magazines to plan their wedding, and publications are the way to get in front of those couples. But the process can be daunting—and not to mention time consuming. Researching which publication will be a good fit, compiling images, getting content from your client… all for potential rejection that will leave you back at square one.

That’s where my guest on the podcast today steps in! Meghan Brown is the manager of Two Bright Lights, a submissions platform that allows photographer and vendors to submit images of their event for publication. The genius behind her company is that you just have to fill out one submissions package! They partner with 100s of publications for just about anything and everything, and you can submit to as many of them as you want with just a couple of clicks. It has truly revitalized and changed the way publications are submitted!