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Mistakes Make Magic

Nov 20, 2019

KT Merry is an incredible photographer, explorer, and environmentalist. She works alongside her business partner and husband Chad, and together they seek to balance the curated with the raw, the composed with the real. They are destination photographers and have photographed some of the most impeccable and thoughtful events. She was named a top photographer by Harpar’s Bazaar and Martha Stewart, one of the top 100 most inspiring people by The Knot, and a rising star by PDN Magazine.

I chatted with her about another side of her business though—the philanthropic and environmentally conscious side.

What you will learn in today’s episode:

  • Mistakes we are making as a society when it comes to animals and the environment
  • The mission of KT’s venture Render Loyalty and the organizations it supports
  • How to reduce your carbon footprint as a creative entrepreneur or photographer, especially one who shoots film

You may have heard KT mention the Education tab on her website; that's coming soon! But right now she is offering Mistakes Make Magic listeners a freebie!!

7 Mistakes Photographers Make...
when making the leap from mainstream to luxury

From KT: I’ve seen countless photographers make these mistakes over my 20-plus years as a photographer — I’ve even made some of them myself. After reading this, you’ll be more prepared than ever to make that leap to luxury, and to do it successfully!